ulje konjaka

ulje konjaka

(Vitis vinifera)

Cognac oil is native to France and is part of the Vitaceae family.

It is extracted by steam distillation from dried, fermented grapes. It is distilled to produce brandy, where it is separated from the residues created during the manufacture of the alcohol.

Cognac oil is also known as wine lees oil.

Cognac oil is pale yellow to green with a very strong, alcoholic and fruity aroma. In the past, green cognac oil was the result of using copper stills to distil the liquid. Now, companies add the green in artificially in order to fit their customer’s expectations!

The main constituent in cognac oil is ethyl pelargonate. It is used mostly in flavours and perfumes to give a subtle fruity note.

We use cognac oil alongside the fruity oils to make a cocktail of aromas in our Supernova Bath Ballistic, embracing the celebratory nature of the product confetti and all.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo boasts two references to alcohol, both the cognac oil and its stout. Blended together, they form the base of the products perfume.