kokosova krema

kokosova krema

(Cocos nucifera)

The Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is thought to be a native of Polynesia, Malaysia, and southern Asia.

The trees may yield up to 200 coconuts in a year, but more commonly yield sixty.

The trees bloom and fruit all year round. Nearly every month, a new flower spike emerges from the tree's crown, developing into a cluster of six to twelve nuts. Each nut takes a year to mature and is the largest seed known.

When coconuts are young, their flesh is soft, like that of a melon, and local peoples prefer them this way. They eat them as a rich food, even feeding their babies with the soft flesh.

Many things can be made from the coconut palm and practically all of the plant is used in some way. In Sanskrit, the name given is 'kalpa vriksha' which means, 'tree that gives all that is necessary for living.'

Young, unripe coconuts contain nutritious water, the liquid endosperm of the nut. The liquid supports the growth of the seed inside. As the nut matures, the water also supports the development of the characteristic white flesh inside the husk.

We use coconut cream in different ways.

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