sušene kriške naranče

sušene kriške naranče

(Citrus aurantium dulcis)

The orange tree (Citrus aurantium dulcis) is a flowering tree with glossy, evergreen leaves and thorny branches. Its beautiful white flowers are fragrant and its fruits are juicy, orange berries called hesperidium. It is thought to be native to China and the Far East.

The bright colour of the fruits made them very popular, favoured especially by royalty. They are thought to be the fabled ‘golden apples’ grown in the garden of Hesperides in Greek mythology. They have since featured in many cultural traditions to symbolise fertility, prosperity and good luck.

Though the Arab traders brought bitter oranges to Europe, the Portuguese introduced the sweet orange in the 15th century. This became the favoured choice, as it was far more palatable. Columbus brought introduced the orange to the western hemisphere along with other citrus fruits.

Today, the main producers of sweet orange are Brazil, United States, Spain and Italy. Most of the oranges grown in United States come from Florida and California.

The orange fruits are sliced and dried.

Our large Mandarin’s Tea Party soap has dried orange slices on the top and randomly throughout the soap, which is highly decorative and complements both the orange juice and overall orange colour. Noriko chose to use orange and ginger as a theme for this soap and topped it off with a neroli and mandarin perfume, reminding us of the smells of Christmas.