svježe organske naranče

svježe organske naranče

(Citrus aurantium dulcis)

Oranges and orange blossoms are highly symbolic in many cultures. Brides have traditionally worn orange blossom to symbolise fertility. Chinese New year celebrations feature oranges for good luck and prosperity.

Arab traders brought bitter oranges to Europe, but in the 15th century, the Portugese introduced the sweet orange and it quickly became very popular due to its more palatable taste. Columbus introduced the orange into the Western Hemisphere along with other citrus fruits and two hundred years later the Franciscan Fathers took citrus seeds from Mexico to California. Today, the major producers of sweet orange are Brazil, United States, Spain and Italy.

We buy in organic oranges throughout the year mainly from Italy and topped up from Spain and South Africa when necessary. We squeeze our own fresh juice at the factory, which is then used in our fresh handmade recipes.

We blend whole organic oranges in our creamiest hair conditioner, American Cream. The oranges are packed with vitamins and nutrients to condition your hair, leaving it tangle-free and full of shine.