svježe iscjeđena papajaa

svježe iscjeđena papajaa

(Carica papaya)

Papaya (Carica papaya) is very nutritious, containing vitamins A, B and C; it contains the minerals potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron.

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain and the alpha hydroxy acids, malic and pyruvic acid.

Papaya juice, with its malic and pyruvic acids, will literally 'consume' dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin, stimulating and brightening it.

The alpha hydroxy acids and papian content will bring soothing and clarifying effects when used on the skin. This combination of enzymic activity and effective AHA action is particularly good for tired and dull skin.

Carica papaya is an evergreen with a branchless trunk, often found in tropical lowland.

Its fruits are shaped like pears, roughly 18 inches long with a leathery skin, apricot coloured pulp and a cavity filled with black seeds.

The Spanish and the Portuguese spread the Papaya around the West and East Indies.

In preparing the fruit, we remove the stem and the seeds, chop it and juice it. The fresh juice is then added to our products.

We use freshly juiced papaya in our Rehab shampoo to clear and cleanse the scalp and hair.

We use freshly juiced papaya in our Enzymion moisturiser for its cleansing action.