apsolut hrastovog lišaja

apsolut hrastovog lišaja

(Evernia prunastri)

Oakmoss is green lichen belonging to the Usneaceae plant family. It can be found throughout central and southern Europe. It usually grows on oak trees and was called ‘lungs of oak’ by the Native Americans. They often used it for bronchitis, asthma and colds. It also grows on fences, walls, rocks and soil.

Oakmoss is damaged by sulphur levels and can be used as an indicator of air quality.

Plants are collected in dry winter weather for oil. The absolute is obtained by means of solvent extraction. It is dark green to brown with an earthy, mossy aroma.

Oakmoss forms the basis for the chypre fragrance family and it’s also popular in oriental blends.

Oakmoss is an aromatic antibiotic herb containing lichen acids that inhibit the tuberculosis bacillus.

We use oakmoss absolute in our Tramp shower gel to create a deeply green fragrance and to keep the skin healthy and fresh.

The earthy aroma of the oakmoss absolute is part of our perfume in our Goth Juice hair gel.