ekstrakt paprike

ekstrakt paprike

(Capsicum frutescens)

Native to South America, sweet garden peppers have been cultivated there since at least the Inca civilisation. Now spread worldwide, they are especially popular in Hungary.

Paprika extract (Capsicum frutescens), also known as paprika oleoresin, is a red viscous liquid obtained from dried and ground red peppers by extraction and further concentration.

Garden peppers are not related to the vine that yields black pepper.

Paprika is versatile and can be used to create orange to red shades.

It is used primarily as a food colouring or flavouring. Paprika powder and paprika extracts are used as natural colourings in the food industry. You might find paprika in your pasta sauce or ice cream.

We use paprika to add colour to our bath and beauty products.

We use paprika extract in our You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt to give it its delicate, peachy colour. The colour echoes the colour of the fresh mango fruit used to produce the mango butter, a key ingredient in this bath melt.

The Soft Touch body butter, our intensive solid hand conditioner, contains paprika extract as a natural colouring material.