ugljen u prahu

ugljen u prahu

(Powdered Charcoal)

Charcoal is carbonised wood. Making charcoal is an ancient industry, not much practiced today. A variety of trees (oak, ash, hazel and chestnut) are grown in coppices. Their lower branches are cut off to encourage a higher canopy, encouraging a straight habit. These are used to make charcoal.

While young, the trees are cut, stacked and seasoned for a year. It is then stacked in kilns and burned for up to sixteen hours, until the wood is carbonised. This is then ground into a fine, black powder.

Our charcoal is bought locally from sustainable sources in Dorset. While slightly more expensive, it is of a high quality and has less environmental impact. We feel very proud of encouraging local industries.

Jim Bettle produces sustainable British Charcoal, ensuring good management of local woodlands in Bere Wood.

Using local sources brings back rural employment, and also encourages local wildlife, whose ecosystem relies on the sunlight associated with freshly cut coppices. If a coppice is overgrown, wildlife declines rapidly.

Charcoal absorbs excess oils from our skin with its dry, soft texture, leaving it comfortable and balanced.

Our Coalface and Dark Angels cleansers contain powdered charcoal, allowing it to absorb excess oils and cleanse deeply.