fukus alge

fukus alge

(Fucus serratus)

This olive-brown seaweed is found at all British coastal areas and around the Irish coasts, too. It grows densely on the seashore; each serrated, strap-like frond is about two centimetres wide and originates from a stalk, anchoring it to the seabed.

Alginates of seaweed origins are used to form emulsions, barrier creams and hand creams. Crude preparations and extractions of seaweeds have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries. They were often used to make cough remedies, soothing lotions and cosmetics.

Seaweed has many culinary uses due to its high nutritional value. It is used extensively in food manufacture as a thickener and binder in ice creams, sauces, sweets, and preserves. These days it is still widely used in toothpaste, medication and toiletries.

Seaweed is used for film and filament forming in barrier creams.

Toothed wrack seaweed contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which strengthen the hair.

Seaweed is recommended as an ingredient in face masks for its revitalizing quality on the skin and for ease of application.

We gather toothed wrack seaweed from Poole harbour. We then puree it and add it to our fresh products.

We use it in our BB Seaweed fresh face mask and in the Skin’s Shangri La moisturiser to deliver all the nutrients of the seaweed (and its softening qualities) directly to the skin and to enhance the texture of the products.