infuzija vinove loze

infuzija vinove loze

(Vitis vinifera)

The grape (Vitis vinifera) is thought to have been growing wild throughout the world long before the arrival of humans. Our most common grape is one of the oldest cultivated plants.

The grape vine is a woody, climbing plant in most areas, but in arid regions, it can form an erect shrub. The grapes grow in clusters, ranging in colour from black and blue to red and white. There are several species in the genus Vitis (family Vitaceae) and Vitis vinifera is the most commonly used in wine making.

Grape cultivation (Viticulture) has undoubtedly been fuelled by humankind's fascination with stimulating drinks, and wine is certainly one of the most popular choices. Produce from grapes, including wine, was very important to the Romans as a major source of revenue. Grapes, raisins, wine and vinegar were precious trade items in the ancient Near East.

Grapes are a good source of vitamins A, C and B, and they are packed with minerals, too.

To make our vine leaf infusion, we add the vine leaves to boiled water. We then strain the mixture and add it to our products.

Grape vine leaves are edible and are used as a wrapper in Greek and Middle Eastern cooking, as well as to wrap some French cheeses. Vine leaves contain beneficial nutrients and flavonoids. Eating the leaves and extracts made from them may improve circulation. Vine leaf extracts are used in various health supplements for this reason.

When applied topically, vine leaf infusion can condition the skin.

We’ve added vine leaf infusion to The Olive Branch Shower Gel for its conditioning and soothing effects.