ulje sjemenki marakuje

ulje sjemenki marakuje

(Passiflora edulis)

Passiflora is a large genus of over 400 plants, most varieties of which are commonly referred to as ‘passion flower.’ These all bear distinctive flowers. Many of these are native to South America, and the varieties that bear edible fruit are cultivated in Asia, New Zealand and Africa.

There exist some purely ornamental plants in the genus, which can even be grown in the UK, but tropical or sub-tropical climates are preferred.

We use the oil obtained from passion flower seeds (Passiflora edulis, purple passion fruit). This is said to be the finest of the edible varieties.

The flowers are followed by wrinkled fruits the size of a hen’s egg, which are a deep purple in colour.

Passion flowers were an important part of South American medicines and its fruits were eaten for food.

The fruits are popular in desserts and other foods. The tangy pulp can be eaten straight from the skin.

Passion flower reputedly has excellent sedative properties, many sources citing its usefulness in soothing anxiety.

Our passion flower seed oil contains a high quantity of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. (Our bodies need it, but cannot produce it.) It helps to retain skin moisture, softens and nourishes.

In our Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel, passion flower seed oil is moisturising, softening and gives an additional exotic scent.

We use the sweet and exotic scent of the oil in our Happy Blooming bath melt to encourage a sense of happiness and calm.